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The reasons to choose TACGen serving your research:

  • Extensive Experience: TACGen has extensive experience in DNA sequencing, including hairpin and GC-rich DNA templates.
  • Competitive prices: please inquire for details.
  • High quality: using ABI 3730XL sequencers to produce the up to 1kb sequencing data. We perform stringent quality controls to guarantee the highest quality sequencing data delivered to our customer.
  • Dedicated customer services: your satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Overnight turnaround: less than 24 hrs turnaound time.
  • Friendly online ordering system: user friendlly interphase for ordering, pickup scheduling, order tracking and data downloading
  • Free primers: universal primers are provided for free.
  • Free assembly: for high throughput orders.
  • Free local pickup: for selected cities.
  • Free shipping: free shipping provided for volume orders.

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