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Cosmid/Fosmid/BAC/PAC DNA

TACGen provides Sanger DNA sequencing service for cosmid, fosmid, BAC, PAC DNA. The service consists of a single pass read of your Cosmid/Fosmid/BAC/PAC DNA using vector or internal primers. Special handling of the sequencing reactions provide read lengths of over 750 bases.

Starting Materials

  • Cosmid/Fosmid/BAC/PAC DNA Samples Preparation
    1. Purifying DNA using the Qiagen Large Construct Kit
    2. Resuspend DNA in water
    3. Please indicate the concentration of the DNA submitted
    4. Submit a minimum of 5-10 g of purified template DNA

    Template Type DNA Concentration DNA Volume Primer Concentration Primer Volume
    Cosmid 0.5-1 µg/µl 20 µl 3.2 µM 10 µl
    Fosmid 0.5-1 µg/µl 20 µl 3.2 µM 10 µl
    BAC 0.5-1 µg/µl 20 µl 3.2 µM 10 µl

  • Bacteria
    Bacteria can be delivered as stabs, glycerol stocks, or colonies. The services includes bacterial culture, BAC clone prep, and sequencing.

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