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Sample Submission

How to Place Order?

  1. Register an online account
  2. Get a quote
  3. Place your order
  4. Send your samples
    • For customers located in local area, TACGen will pick up the samples at your lab. Please schedule pick up
    • For other customers, please use FedEx, UPS or DHL to ship your samples to TACGen
      • TACGen's shipping address:
        15501G SAN PABLO AVE #362
        RICHMOND, CA 94806-5809
    • No need to submit primers if they are in TACGen's free primer list
  5. Payment: Purchase Order Number from your purchasing department

DNA Sample Shipment Guideline

  • Resuspend DNA samples in sterile ddH2O
  • Please provide 20L of DNA (either a PCR product or a plasmid) and primers per reaction in tubes or 96-well plates
  • Please label the DNA template sample tubes as follows: Write your first and last name initials followed by sample numbers indcated on order form
  • Please seal the 96-well plates with hot seal or aluminum seal tightly. Writing your name, order ID, sample name, date indicated on order form
  • Print out order form and submit together with your DNA samples
  • Shipping your samples to:
    • TACGen
      15501G SAN PABLO AVE #362
      RICHMOND, CA 94806-5809
  • International customers please visiting the U.S. Customs (NCIE) web site for procedures and guidelines for shipping DNA to our facility.

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