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PCR Products

PCR Samples with Primer and Template Separated

Template Type DNA Concentration DNA Volume Primer Concentration Primer Volume
PCR(100-500bp) 2-5 ng/µl 20 µl 3.2 µM 10 µl
PCR(500bp-1kb) 5-10 ng/µl 20 µl 3.2 µM 10 µl
PCR(>1kb) 10-20 ng/µl 20 µl 3.2 µM 10 µl

PCR Samples with Primer and Template Mixed

Template Type Amount of DNA Amount of Primer Volumn (DNA+Primer)
PCR(100-500bp) 10 ng 9 pmol 15 µl
PCR(500bp-1kb) 15 ng 9 pmol 15 µl
PCR(>1kb) 50 ng 9 pmol 15 µl

  • PCR samples should be submitted with a minimum volume of 10l and at a minimum DNA concentration of 2-5 ng/l depends on the length of amplicon
  • Seal plates with a clear polystyrene heat seal or aluminum adhesive seals
  • Submitting agarose gel image with your PCR samples is preferred. Please indicate the volume of sample loading
  • Submit the samples according to TACGen sample sumission guideline
  • The quality of the sequencing reaction depends on the cleanliness of the PCR product. We provide PCR clean-up services. We recommend that internal primers are used for sequencing

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