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Antibody Sequencing

TACGen provides sequencing service for monoclonal antibody hybridoma cells.

Starting Materials:

  • A pellet of hybridoma cells (1x107 cells) expressing your antibody
  • An EBV transformed B-cell line

Technical Steps:

  • RNA Preparation: RNA will be extracted and purified from the hybridoma cell pellets.
  • cDNA Synthesis: Reverse transcrition will be perfomred to synthesize cDNA. Specific murine and human constant domain primers can be used to determine the isotype of the antibody.
  • PCR or 5'RACE: PCR products will include the regions of the signal peptide, variable domains and constant domains up to the reverse primer.
  • Cloning: The PCR products will be gel purified and clone into a sequencing vector for sequencing.
  • Sequencing: A minimum 10 clones will be sequenced for each chain.
  • Report: A detailed report will be produced including the sequence alignments of the heavy and light chains.

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